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We are excited by nonfiction that faces down risk, embraces complexity, and tests the bounds of form, craft and language in an intentional way. We look for essays, from lyric to journalistic, that engage in vibrant exploration and inquiry; we look for memoir and narrative writing that explores the complications and subtleties of those expansive modes. Submitted work should be stand-alone, and should range between registers—humorous and heartbreaking, serious and absurd, surprising, delightful. Above all, however, we want nonfiction that wrestles with ideas in order to reveal larger truths about life and the world through unique lenses, representing diverse identities and voices with intellectual and emotional honesty. On our pages, we aim for a mixture of brevity and breadth, and we warmly welcome submissions from both emerging and experienced writers.  
—Abi Newhouse & Sarah Wilson, Nonfiction Editor and Assistant Editor